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Fertility U is a Preconception and Fertility Program designed for proactive couples trying to conceive. Whether you’ve been struggling with infertility for some time or if you just know you’d like to have a baby (or another baby!) one day, know that you can take charge of this process!


The ABSOLUTE best way to optimize your fertility is to optimize your preconception health and it is my mission to help couples take control of their fertility by empowering them to be the healthiest version of themselves.


I believe that the increasing rates of infertility in our society are related to lifestyle and environmental factors and thus, are changeable. My true passion for preconception health was ignited years ago when I began my study in environmental medicine. My understanding of the environmental impact on our fertility was brought to a whole new level with a 2004 study done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) called The 10 Americans. It is alarming to know that babies are being born with hundreds of chemicals in their tiny little bodies and these exposures are undoubtedly having a detrimental impact on our health, our fertility and the health of our future generations.


Optimizing your health and overcoming your unique, and often unknown, obstacles to fertility results in inspired and empowered change and allows for the strongest possible foundation for a healthy and happy pregnancy, and the healthy baby you’ve been waiting for.